Highland Park is a TV series that focuses on clean, narrative story telling. By letting the characters be king, we use our spare sensibilities to let the camera enhance our stories with focused composition and motivated camera moves.


  • Highland Park is a thriving, bustling, “neighborhood on the grow” – it’s combination of NELA natives, celebrities, artists, artisans, and small business owners attracts attention from all over Los Angeles. With the backdrop of the neighborhood as our anchor point, an audience will be drawn into the distinct and vivid world where our stories unfold.
  • We’ve had great success with two of our episodes on the festival circuit, include a best-in-show trophy for “I’m A Man” at the inaugural Art Slope Festival in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and sharing Q&A stage time with Karen Allen at the Big Apple Film Festival.
  • Our cast is made up of incredibly talented, incredibly diverse actors who bring an enormous amount of vitality to the scripts. People will recognize themselves onscreen and be drawn in by the nuanced, relatable performances. Our cast is one of our strongest assets, and we’re truly lucky to have assembled such an out of this world ensemble.
  • There are currently 70 polished scripts ready to be shot, with more on the way. Since the narrative focuses on the characters, we’ll never run out of stories to tell. Marriage. Death. Taxes. New jobs. Old relationships. Success. Failure. Love. Life. Laughter. The possibilities are truly endless.


We’re two filmmakers who genuinely love cinema and are driven by a strong, blue collar work ethic to tell stories we feel don’t get told as often as they should. We live in polarizing times, and the division between the powerful and the marginalized grows by leaps and bounds every day. We believe that every voice should be heard and every point of view accounted for.

We excel at working on micro budgets with minimal resources. The less we have, the more challenged we are; the more challenged we are, the more creative we get. While we both have experience working on larger-scale projects, our enthusiasm drives us to create, even when we don’t have the money that would be available to a traditional production.


Collaborators with the same passion we have for the work, who want to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. People who are devoted to telling human stories set in real places. Investors who want to fund something that gets done ahead of schedule and under budget.

When you break down what you need to tell truly human stories at this level, you find that it’s not much. Solid scripts. A terrific cast. A work horse director and DP – check and check. A good camera with a solid lens package, an extremely basic lighting kit, and a few dedicated crew members who feel as strongly about the material as we do. By trimming the excess you don’t need to tell tales about people being people with other people, we can stay nimble and lean. This not only saves money, but time and waste, and helps to keep morale high and energy up.

We’re looking for a home for our show, a place where our audience can go and digest the episodes however they want. A great big binge. An episode on their phone at an airport. A rewatch and chill weekend date. We want Highland Park on the platform it deserves.